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Standard Tune $80

  • Shifting
  • Brakes
  • Hubs serviced
  • Bottom bracket
  • Headset
  • Suspension bearings
  • Wash bike
  • True Wheels
  • All bolts torqued
  • Remove and clean drivetrain

Pro Tune $140

Includes everything in the standard tune Plus repack all bearings and replace shift cables. Both brakes bleed.

Quick Tune $50

Same as standard tune without drive train cleaning

Labor Rate $60/hr

A la carte

Wheel True $20/wheel
Brake Bleed $20/brake
Flat Fix $7/wheel plus tube
Drivetrain Adjust $20
Bearing overhaul $20
Bottom Bracket Overhaul $20
Bike Build $70
Tubeless Conversion $10/wheel plus parts
Box a Bike $20