The Bike Shop Team

Brent  Jake Heaton

There is nothing better to me than jumping on a mountain bike and going for an amazing trail ride! I have loved riding bikes since i can remember and finally decided that there was nothing better than to open a shop for something i love. I have an amazing wife and 2 boys who also love to ride bikes and enjoy the outdoors. I have been in the business world from the time i was little. My father and I own a successful mattress and furniture store that has been in business for 60 years that i have worked at since i was 15. I am excited now to offer the same love i have of biking and skiing/snowboarding to the people of southeast Idaho!


Brent Page
Service/Retail Manager

Hey guys my name is Brent and I am originally from Bay Area California and practically lived on my bike and skate boards in my local foothills, skate parks, and the local dirt jump spots. I am married with four kids and we all loved to ride. I still get on a bmx bike occasionally but most of my riding is on a mountain bike these days. If I had a full day to ride my favorite place to go is the Teton Pass and my favorite destination place to ride is Gooseberry Mesa and the whole St. George area. I live to ride and ski/snowboard and I look forward to get on some rides with you guys and gals.


Teegan Shepherd
Marketing/Operations Manager

I Still remember the first time I rode a bike without training wheels.  From then on, I have always loved bikes. All the kids in my neighborhood would gather at a nearby vacant lot and build jumps out of the dirt hills.  I am now getting my Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Marketing. I always wanted to use the skills I learned in school to promote the outdoor industry.   Aside from working, I love to ride my BMX bike around town and my mountain bike on the local mountains. I want to give everyone the same great outdoor experiences I have had.